Czech Business Park, Ltd. is the name of Japan⇔Czech collaboration.

Czech - translation and interpretingTranslation and interpreting from or to Czech (Slovak) language. Focused on science, technology, IT, SW, business, presentations, training.

We provide translation of texts from English and Japanese to Czech. We specialize in business and technical texts, software localization, legal documents, and certificates. Slovakian (SK) can also be used as the target language.

Price List for Translating

  Unit price
  (EN to CZ)
  Unit price
  (JA to CZ)
  100 words   1 week     0.20 USD

    0.25 USD

    70 words   3 days     0.30 USD     0.35 USD
    40 words   24 hours     0.40 USD     0.50 USD
Note: Final price is given by the total number of words in the target (Czech) text for both English and Japanese source texts.

The translation work can be ordered using the following form:

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We also provide interpreting service at business and technical meetings, in-house education and training, exhibitions and fairs. The prices given below are final for the Tokyo - Yokohama area. Outside the area transportation and lodging fee is charged upon mutual agreement.

Price List for Interpreting

   Working time        Price
  1 half a day

        400 USD

  1 working day         600 USD
  1 working week      2 500 USD

The interpreting service can be ordered using the following form:

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