Czech Business Park, Ltd. is the name of Japan⇔Czech collaboration.

Business matchingComplex services for carrying on your business in Japan. Covering anything from looking for a suitable partner to establishing a local Japanese branch.

We will pick a suitable seller for your goods or a supplier of Japan products to be introduce to your local market. Your business will be introduced to a selected partner and a business meeting with them will be arranged for. By applying our service called "business matching" all nenessary conditions will be prepared for your successful entering the Japanese market.

Both content and extent of business matching is very flexible. It ranges from a simple market survey, binding business ties with your new Japanese partner up to turn-key establishing a local branch or subsidiary of your company. The time period can range from a short-term contract covering the take-off of your Jaqpanese business up to long-time tie of a more conceptional character.

Business matching saves your time and money by limiting the number of business trips as well as fumbling in the complex Japanese business world.

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