Czech Business Park, Ltd. is the name of Japan⇔Czech collaboration.

To Japan with CzBP- Bypassing agency interlinks (time, costs:  )
- Communication in mother tongue (efficiency:  )

- No third language (information noise:  )
- Long-term Japan experience, networking
- Business, technology and culture experience

Synergy of the above components is a guarantee of your success in Japan.
Through CzBP Japan approaches to the reach of your hands.

Czech Business Park, Ltd. thus does not offer simple interpreting, but represents a full-fledged interface acting so that your business activity in Japan can be expertly carried out since the very beginning. CzBP is also tracking the development of your Japanese business in order to re-enter the process if there is need like that on your side.

Our knowledge of your business matters and the languages prevents possible errors and misunderstanding, which usually arise from a third language. That opens the door to Japan even for small and medium businesses, who commonly do not manage staff mastering Japanese. This paragraph, indeed, applies to Czech and Slovak enterprises, since English as lingua franca has been rooted in Japan like anywhere else.

The tourists can profit in a similar situation when visiting Japan: they are not limited by the "obligatory" sights with available info in English, but can enyoy Japan deeply under its skin.